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My heart fluttered. Why did I have to like, no, love him this much?! There was no way he could even love me! I was just some ordinary girl! He could have so much better!

His smile that was so perfect. His green eyes that were more beautiful than you could ever imagine. I stepped back and for the first time, noticed that he was in a tuxedo.

I had made the right choice on wardrobe. I had debated going with the usual, but me, over at his cabin? It needed something special. I went with a knee-length skirt and dress shirt. Just right. I also noted that there was a table set for two. Beautiful china and gleaming silver silverware was complemented with two tall candles that were enchanted to never burn out.

I did. He told me to open my eyes. The first thing I saw was him on one knee, right before me. He held a little black box, opened it, and I saw a most exquisite ring, or so it was by my standards. It was more than I could have ever dreamed of. It was diamond, one surrounded by little ones, with a thin gold band holding it all together. I first knelt at Athena's feet, which made the gods and goddesses gasp.

I would take care of her, give my life for her, and love her with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. Yes, Perseus Jackson. Marry my Annabeth. It would make me most pleased. She deserves you.AN things to know: Poseidon and Amphitrite not married, Gods can separate their essence to be in more than one place at the sametime.

A loud scream pierced the silence of the makeshift delivery room in Hestia's palace. Hestia carefully wrapped the newborn boy in a blank it and pressed him into his mothers arms, Athena's arms. The boy had a small tuft of black hair on his and greyish sea green eye's. The drawback to this is till his powers return he'll be in essence a half blood, a mortal.

Normally I wouldn't recommend this but at the moment I can see no other option. Athena thought for a moment "could I have a moment alone with Poseidon" "of course" Hestia said leaving the room.

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I'll send part of my essence to raise him in the mortal world nobody will noticed if my power weakens a bit. You'll can visit him as often as you can and I'll change my looks so no one recognizes me.

She nodded and performed the ceremony "so what will you call him" Hestia asked "how about Perseus Jackson we could call him Percy for short" Athena said "Percy Jackson sounds great to me" Poseidon said.

I was riding a bus with my best friend Grover on my way to a museum as part of a school field trip. My english teacher Mrs Dodds had been staring at me the whole ride and it was starting to really freak me out. After one piece pegged him right between the eyes I moved to get up but Grover held me down "dude just let it go you're already on probation, besides I like peanut butter" Grover said "fine but I'm doing something if she keeps it up" I said, ironically Nancy stopped but I think it was more do to the fact that most of her sandwich was now on Grovers shirt.

To be honest I didn't really pay attention to what my latin teacher Mr Brunner was saying, he was my favorite teacher by far but the tour was all on Greek mythology and I have ADHD. My mom used to tell me a lot of them at bed time stories, although she would change them slightly.

Heracules still did a lot of awesome stuff but he sounded like a huge jerk, Perseus the slayer of Medusa was made to be one of the greatest heroes of all time. Not because he killed Medusa but because he didn't let the fame go to his head, mom did seem really happy about him killing Medusa too.

Grover elbowed me knocking me out of my thoughts, "Percy would you mind telling me what this carving is depicting? I looked at the stone in front of me but the carving was too worn to really make anything out, I looked around for one of those information signs but of course there was none.

I was about to give up when I saw the inscription on the rock written in greek, and I was surprised that it actually made sense "it's Heracules fighting the nemean Lion right" "correct". After the tour we went outside to have lunch, me and Grover sat by a fountain trying to enjoy the break but Nancy had other plans.

My Little Moonlight Chapter 2:All Hail Lord Perseus

I saw red and felt a pull in my gut, next thing I know Nancy is in the fountain soaking wet "Percy pushed me" Nancy shouted. I followed her back to the museum and into an empty room "look I don't know wha.

On instinct I swung the sword slicing the former Mrs Dodds in half who turned to dust right after. I turned back to talk to Mr Brunner but he wasn't there, I went outside and found Mr brunner sitting in his wheelchair like nothing happened "um Mr Brunner" I said, he looked up from his book "ah my pen" he said grabbing the pen in my hand that had been a sword a few seconds earlier "please remember to bring your own writing utensils next time, now everyone back on the bus".

Grover hesitated for sec then said "she's the english teacher remember" "no thats Mrs Dodds" "who? I asked around and no one seemed to even remember her, Mrs dodds just seemed to disappear altogether which would normally be a dream come true but now was just freaking me out. Miss Johnson sat across from me and Grover on the ride back and let me just say she gave new meaning to the term chatter box.

By the time we got back I couldn't take it anymore I jumped right off the bus grabbed my stuff and grabbed the next train home. It was the last day of school so it didn't matter that I skipped my last class. Grover decided to come with me which was weird because he never skips class, I should know we have all the same classes. I never really skipped either if I did my mom would kill me but today I decided to make an exception.

The whole ride Grover kept looking over his shoulder and all together being really weird. At the station Grover had to use the bathroom, yelled good bye and hopped in a cab.

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I paid with a 20 and went up to my moms apartment "mom I'm home" I said opening the door. She folded her arms and gave me a stern look that made me a bit nervous "you're just lucky it's the last day of school or I'd ground yo for a month" she said "but as it is why don't you go get packed" "why" I asked "because we going to montauk" she said giving me a wink "really" I said excitedly "yep, your father is going to meet us there".

I gave my mom another hug and ran into my bedroom, we had been going to montauk since I could remember. It's special to my parents for some reason, I think they met there or something but I never really asked. I was also excited that my dad was coming, he was gone a lot on business but always seemed to make it home for the important things.

He also never married my mom but I don't know why they seem to love each other, I brought it up once and my mom said that they were just waiting for the right time.Poseidon: I am either too tired or I really really don't care what you're doing so um yeah I'll just go back to bed. Thorakis: hey the mortals think you two should be together so I'm going to a make story about you two to honor their thoughts of you two being a couple.

Poseidon: aw come on Athena, you know it's not a bad idea and you always said you wanted people to know we like each other. Zeus glared at me while wincing, "You're one to talk.

You and your spring flings I barely see her I barely even know her," I thought to myself as I said that. Why was I married to her? Silently I prayed that another huge headache will make him tremble in pain Suddenly Zeus sat still like a statue, his face full of shock. Minutes passed where I sat there confused as I watched my brother sit still His face scrunched up in pain as he fell from his throne and curled up into a ball yelling in agony The yells echoed off the marble walls and out of nowhere appeared the other Olympians: Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Ares, Hephaestus, and Aphrodite.

We stood there in shock; here was the king of the gods practically pleading for help. I looked at Hephaestus and nodded, "Hephaestus, get your best axe and split your fathers head open so we can take whatever that's making your father in pain out. He brought his axe up and brought it down in a deadly and powerful arch which sure enough split the head of Zeus in two. For several long nerve racking seconds nothing happened, then a bright light blasted out from Zeus's split skull.

When the light died, there standing in full battle armor equipped with a shield and a spear was a woman All in all she was beautiful I noticed that the Goddess of Love was glaring at me as I mentally said that about her. Still I stood by those words as all the Gods stared at the new figure in front of us. After a few minutes she spoke, her voice from that day on sealing and intertwining our fates, "My name is Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy.

I bolted my eyes open as the dream ended. Slowly I sat up, my mind still in a daze from what I just dreamt about.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on!

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Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Percy Jackson hasn't had much luck in love, he's been betrayed by annabeth the woman he thought was his soul mate but yet her soul belonged to someone else.

poseidon and athena married fanfiction

Now he's single and carrying a broken heart with him wherever he goes, but that's all about to change when four gorgeous goddesses of olympus fight for his affections and aim to mend his broken hear. Percy and Athena are at each other's throats again, this time with a little more on the line. Graphic Sexual Content. Percy is confronted by Athena, who demands that Percy show her he won't hurt her daughter when they finally consummate their love.

Or is there a more sinister scheme at hand on the Goddess's part? Percy and his friends, along with a handful of Olympians, are kidnapped by a man named Ghost and they watch different Universes where the Son of Poseidon is the main star.

Athena lives on facts but when she starts to live on her love for a familiar hero, pain and anguish are never too far away. And Pertemis!!! Percy was betrayed by Annabeth, so he went to the gods to ask for death. The Council starts to yell and Zeus asks Percy if he wants to be the guardian of the hunt.

Percy accepts the offer.

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Percy is in for a long ride. Artemis and Athena are both in love with Percy. Percy is in love with Athena and Artemis. This is a one-on-one lemon shot of Percy Jackson and Athena.

This story takes place after both the Giant war. Once everything has settled down, Annabeth makes a surprising decision: She tells Percy that she is lesbian and is in love with her best friend, Thalia, and they break up. After the break up, Athena comes and comforts Percy, but something happens between them. Jumpstart to age 16, a female Percy Jackson had everything planned, and never planned on being a demigod. Once she finds out the truth, even more bitter and resentful of a father that left her and her precious mother behind, she grudgingly decides to help him and the rest of the Olympians, and learns to slowly forgive and soften up.

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Taking the path of the traditional Greek hero, Percy makes the world remember her and carve her name out in legend. Poseidon isn't just the God of the Sea, and she aims to take all her powers into the fold and become a force to be reckoned with. Older Fem!

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Polympians, with Titans and a Norse god involved.That belongs to Rick Riordan. I have taken information gleaned from those books and some myths plus the attitudes of the Gods from some fanfic authors to get my opinions of the Gods. This story is just truly my own opinion and hopes of what should have happened. This is just about the Gods and not many of the demigods. It won't be based on the books.

I'm going to make a family of Gods. Okay this will have gay marriage, de-aging, bashing and knowing me most likely spankings after all there will be five children from 10 to 15 in this story.

So with sibling rivalry, being young Gods and just normal kids I think you know there will be parental punishments along the way. Plus I would rather see a kid punished with a spanking than banished for years like the myths claim. Poseidon walked into the throne room. He realized he was the last one to show up even Hades and Hestia beat him today.

poseidon and athena married fanfiction

Well it couldn't be helped as Amphitrite had been acting like a total bitch again. He couldn't understand why he ever married the woman. It was the biggest mistake of his life. The only good thing from his marriage was his son Triton, but that woman was really ruining him.

Zeus and Athena // FADED

His son was becoming as big a stuck-up snob as his mother. He would have to find a way to turn his son into a nicer person, because he really didn't want to see the boy ruined. He was glancing around the room taking in everybody's moods and actions when he saw something that made him see red faster than spending time with his wife.

Everyone in the room was glaring at Apollo like he was a Titan or something. Some were showing total hate like Zeus, Hera and Athena. Others were showing hostility like Artemis, Dionysus, Ares and Aphrodite.Annabeth bumped his hip with her own, walking inside their cabin. It'd taken three months, but finally they were finished building the exterior. Now there was only the interior and painting. Annabeth dreaded the painting. But she despised wallpaper. We don't have furniture. It's cozy.

Lou Ellen was proud to say that her involvement with the whole Percy-Annabeth situation was none, according to the public. She'd acted surprised that he 'killed' her and even volunteered to look for him.

Of course, she wasn't going to tell anybody about what happened. She wasn't risking her neck for them. Jason Grace was out for Percy's blood. Apparently he was being pressured into finding him by Zeus. She'd heard a rumour that his sister, Thalia, had disowned him for his crusade. Clarisse looked around. A person who looks like him was spotted here.

The Next Years of Our Lives

Witch, you're with me. Lou Ellen stopped. Clarisse glowered at her, warily.

poseidon and athena married fanfiction

Lou followed her up a staircase. I know Jackson.

The Horrible Tale of Medusa

He wouldn't kill the princess. Not even for his own mother's life. Graceā€¦ he'll kill him. I don't know what Zeus said or did, but he's obsessed with finding him. Lou wanted to see that. Poseidon coldly stared out the window. He was devastated, angry and on the verge of murder.

He forced himself to focus back on the meeting at hand. We have nearly every demigod out there looking for him, but there's been no news. We're following up on every lead we get. Poseidon sighed.Percy woke up to the sound of the door being kicked off its hinges. When he looked up he saw a pissed off Annabeth rushing towards Sage with a dagger.

Malcom is now in charge. Thalia was laughing at her own joke. So welcome them with open arms. The usual capture the flag match will take place in two days. Lastly Percy and Artemis are now engaged. The boy is polite when needed to be but strong and funny. While my daughter is barely polite strong and unfortunately stoic. By the end of it Percy and Artemis were practically glowing red or gold. Perseus Jackson after what has happened with Annabeth.

Of which Athena blames you for but luckily she was out voted. We have decided to give you another chance at taking up our offer of godhood. Do you except? At that the council blasted Percy with beams of pure light while chanting in an ancient language older than the humans. Percy glowed and the Morai flashed in. At this the gods whom were revived flashed in and at the end was Gaea and Tartarus holding hands and walking towards Percy.

And a certain God of the Sky who wet his pants and flashed out. They all stared at him shocked except the unfaded after a minute Athena and Hermes ran up and hugged him while also thanking them for bringing back their relatives. They got off of them but then they heard a stomp. Everyone turned to see Hestia and Hades with their hands raised as three new thrones blasted out of the ground. One was black and encrusted with gemstones.

Another was made with Ash wood and smelled of a burning flame while a pythos was encased at the top of it. The last one was made of Imperial Gold and Celestial bronze with a sword design encrusted into it. Percy hugged his Aunt and Uncle in thanks. Una spes mea, qui non potest in dubium vocari credimus champion et tu in me, et ego et puer latere tuo semper. Ut benedicat tibi. As the Protogenoi Of Generation I give you my blessing on what you will do with the child.

I also bless you regularly but without all the fancy light effects. Oh and a warning Chase is going to be with a child when your future wife is with child. Now I must take my leave.

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